CD Image Archive

Eliminate check storage and simplify record keeping with Frost’s CD Image Archive service.

CD Image Archive Advantage
  • Easily search a large repository of items in seconds.
  • Conveniently sort, view, enlarge and print check images.
  • Eliminate costs associated with storage.
  • Instantly access your company’s account information.
CD 鈥婭mage Archive Benefits
  • Use your filing cabinet for something other than check storage.
  • Increase employee productivity by decreasing the time it takes to locate a check.
  • Reduce the risk of check fraud by keeping canceled checks out of the wrong hands.
  • Easily duplicate the CD to insure disaster recovery
How CD Image Archive Works

  1. Items are captured and archived as Frost processes them.
  2. Each month, you receive a CD of all the checks and deposits that posted to each of your accounts.
  3. You directly retrieve check images from the CD on your PC through the use of specialized software provided by Frost.

For companies issuing large volumes of checks, Account Reconciliation from Frost is an excellent companion to CD Image Archive. Learn more about Account Reconciliation.

Download our CD Image Archive Product Sheet