Business Digital Deposits

Treasury Management Digital Deposits

Frost understands that different sized businesses have different needs. That's why in addition to our services available through My Frost Online Banking, Frost offers two additional scanner check deposit solutions through Cash Manager. With this service, you can deposit checks online from your office by using a scanner provided by Frost.

The Frost Digital Deposits business day doesn't end until 9 p.m., so you have a longer window to deposit your checks, giving you quicker access to your money. And deposits made before 9 p.m. are processed the same day and are typically available the next business day.

What Can Be Deposited

Save time and scan your check deposits more efficiently from your office.

This service works with all sorts of deposits:

  • U.S. checks
  • money orders
  • traveler's checks
  • cashier's checks
  • U.S. Treasury checks

U.S. Savings Bonds, cash and items drawn on foreign institutions (including Canadian items) can easily be deposited at a Frost financial center.

What the Service Costs
Deposit amount Typical Number of Deposited Checks Permissions / Authorities Needs Online Access Cost Per Month
Up to $100,000 up to ˜ 300 per month Yes Cash Manager $50
Unlimited more than 300 per month Yes Cash Manager $100

To get started, call a Frost Treasury Management Officer at (888) 481-0336 who’ll help you determine the right scanner deposit option for your business. Once you choose an option, you’ll also be able to set up other employees as users and delegate permissions and authorities so that they can deposit your business’ checks just as easily with Frost Digital Deposits. Within five to seven business days, you’ll receive your Frost-issued scanner. If you are a new user to Cash Manager, you’ll also receive a security token and your Cash Manager login information. Then, it’s an easy process to start depositing checks with your scanner.

Learn more about Cash Manager

If you have any questions, contact Frost Treasury Management Customer Service at (888) 481-0336 or send us a secure email.