RV, Aircraft and Watercraft

Whether you鈥檙e looking to cover your recreational vehicle, motorcycle, jet ski, boat or plane, we鈥檒l deliver the right plan to help protect you and your belongings.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance

RV insurance offers you specialized coverage for your motorcycle, ATV, motor home or travel trailer. There are two basic types of coverage: collision and other than collision. Additional coverage may also include:

  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage—Covers costs if other driver is at fault and unable to pay for injuries or damages
  • Personal Effects Coverage—Pays to replace things in your RV, such as clothing, cameras, radios and more
  • Personal Liability—Protects you against legal liability for injuries caused to another person in an accident
  • Personal Injury Protection—Covers the cost of your medical care in an RV accident
  • Roadside Assistance—Provides roadside services such as towing, fixing a flat and jumpstarting your vehicle
Considerations for RV Insurance

Be sure to look for RV policies that cover things such as:

  • Emergency vacation expenses
  • Customizations such as entertainment centers and awnings
  • Public liability
  • Property damage and loss or damage to the contents of your vehicle

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Aircraft Insurance

Aircraft insurance protects owners of personal and corporate aircraft in the event of injury, damage or fatalities. The types of aviation insurance include:

  • Public Liability Insurance—Covers aircraft owners for damage that their aircraft does to another person's property, such as houses, vehicles, crops, airport facilities or another aircraft
  • Passenger Liability Insurance—Protects passengers injured or killed in an aircraft accident
  • Combined Single Limit (CSL)—Combines public and passenger liability insurance into a single coverage
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance Not In Motion—Protects the aircraft against damage when it's not in motion, including events such as fire, theft, wind, hailstorms, hangar collapse or uninsured vehicles or aircraft striking your aircraft
  • Ground Risk Hull Insurance In Motion (Taxiing)—Covers the aircraft while taxiing, but not taking off or landing
  • In-flight Insurance—Protects aircraft during flight and ground operation, including coverage for parked and stored planes

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Watercraft Insurance

Watercraft insurance protects your investment against storms, accidents, passenger injuries and other things that could go wrong. There are two basic types of boat insurance:

  • Agreed Value—This policy usually costs more, but covers the stated value of the boat based on when the policy was written, regardless of current market value. So there's no depreciation of your boat's value
  • Actual Cash Value—This coverage generally costs less, but only pays the market value of the boat at the time of the loss

Watercraft insurance typically offers increased limits of liability, uninsured watercraft and accessory coverage. It may also include fuel spill liability, water sports liability, on-water towing and roadside assistance.

Coverage for Watercraft Equipment

In addition to the watercraft itself, most policies will also cover items such as anchors, oars, trolling motors, tools, seat cushions and life jackets.

Should You Get Boat Insurance?

While the state of Texas only requires liability insurance, you should still consider insuring the boat itself. Take a look at these factors to decide if boat insurance makes sense for you:

  • Value of your boat
  • Risks you take while boating
  • Where you boat
  • What you can pay for repairs
  • Possibility of a boating accident

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